Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Music: Radiance Mixtape

Since the final days of exams have finally passed, I've decided to make a mixtape to celebrate the occasion.

Attached is the Radiance Mixtape, a perfect blend of music that feels like summer. In this tape is twelve songs. Below is the track list followed by the download link.

1) Pimptroduction (featuring Kaya) - Erick Arc Elliot
2) RollerCoasterS - TheManWithThreeNames
3) East Harlem - Beirut
4) Ungirthed - Purity Ring
5) Nigga U Aint Fat - Fat Tony
6) Cashmere - Domo Genesis
7) Typical Weekend - After the Smoke
8) Leave Everywhere - Toro Y Moi
9) Liquid Summer - Diamond Messages
10) Dat Ass - Earl Sweatshirt
11) Trust - Generationals
12) Mrs. Love - Disco Ruido

Please go to Radiance Tape to download

Enjoy and Please Provide Feedback!