Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Music: Radiance Mixtape

Since the final days of exams have finally passed, I've decided to make a mixtape to celebrate the occasion.

Attached is the Radiance Mixtape, a perfect blend of music that feels like summer. In this tape is twelve songs. Below is the track list followed by the download link.

1) Pimptroduction (featuring Kaya) - Erick Arc Elliot
2) RollerCoasterS - TheManWithThreeNames
3) East Harlem - Beirut
4) Ungirthed - Purity Ring
5) Nigga U Aint Fat - Fat Tony
6) Cashmere - Domo Genesis
7) Typical Weekend - After the Smoke
8) Leave Everywhere - Toro Y Moi
9) Liquid Summer - Diamond Messages
10) Dat Ass - Earl Sweatshirt
11) Trust - Generationals
12) Mrs. Love - Disco Ruido

Please go to Radiance Tape to download

Enjoy and Please Provide Feedback!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Movies: 2001 Space Odyssey + Memento

Movie line up for the night:

Finish the Kubrick classic.

Proceed to Nolan


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Music: Weeknd, Ocean

Weeknd is amazing. He has one of the smoothest deliveries when he sings and I don't usually like R&B. His songs are plain and simple, atmospheric and on point. Download his album: House of Balloons to get the complete experience. Below is the intro to the album: High For This. Enjoy.

The Weeknd - High For This

While OF is in doing their tour in the East Coast, we focus a lot on their core rap members. Tyler, Earl, Hodgy and Domo all ring bells. But we should never forget Frank Ocean, who has just as much potential as anyone else from the group. He also had a mixtape released early this year. He's also in one of my favourite tracks in Goblin. This is an artist with real diversity to his style. Check out Songs for Women below.

Frank Ocean - Songs for Women

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Music: Goblin Review


Perhaps one of the most anticipated releases of 2011 is Tyler, the Creator's Goblin. Although it is officially released today, I couldn't stop myself from downloading the leaked version a few days ago. Either way, I am impressed enough to buy the album. I'm going to review this album by splitting it up into factors that really make any album special: Sound/Production, Lyrics + Delivery & Concept. I will end on my final thoughts on the album.

Lyrics + Delivery
The lyrics are generally well-done and thought out. Tyler is trying to prove himself to be just as great of a wordsmith as Earl, although that is still a bit of a stretch. Either way he, for the most part, gets the job done effectively. Pieces like 'Nightmare', 'Transylvania', 'Yonkers' and 'She' are among the best the album has to offer lyrically. There is the shock value & there is misogyny but some of the wordplay is crafty so say the least. The whole concept of 'Yonkers' is pure genius, the Dracula theme in 'Transylvania' is hysterical and the dark, menacing tone to 'Tron Cat' gives evidence of Tyler's depth as an artist, showing us that he has much more to offer and much more potential.

Sound / Production
The production in this album is beautiful. Its a mixture of genres that blend well with Tyler's vocal delivery though the peaceful sounds tend to contrasts with the subject matters that Tyler so often discusses. If you were to purchase the instrumentals by itself and just listen, you would hear the entire spectrum of Tyler's creativity divided into 15 pieces. The production for Goblin is just very well done and is something that only Tyler himself could use to its full potential. My favourite track in terms of production is definitely a tie between the peaceful 'Fish' track and 'Yonkers'. Other notables include 'She' and 'Nightmare'.

Goblin is a concept album. Here, he continues his discussion with his therapist (Dr. T-C), a conversation that started in the similarly aesthetic 'Bastard' album. This time, he rants about his newfound fame and what it means to be expected to be great. He discusses how he has been blamed for badly influencing kids through his art and is, overall, in confusion with what to do with his life. "I ain't kill myself yet and I already want my life back". This album is about the price of fame as an deprived, unloved youth.

Overall Thoughts
When I first heard the album I wasn't very impressed. I skimmed through and found myself enjoying about 50% of what he had to offer. For example, I founds the title track, 'Goblin, to be a stranger sounding 'Bastard'. I didn't enjoy 'She' and 'Fish' the way that I do now. This album is not one for judgement after one listen. During my second time through I found the intricacies that Tyler put in and the listening experience as a whole changed after each run. I'm not saying the album is perfect, but it's a great start. It really does look promising for Tyler, the Creator. I hope he keeps his word on 'progression as an artist'. I'll be looking forward to it.

*** . 75 / *****

Support Him! Buy Goblin!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Music: Washed Out & Starfucker

Washed Out is a nice chill artist who has been garnering much noise over the past year. If you haven't heard from him, here's a taste of his sound: a dreamy/wispy tone with just the right amount of energy. Beats have a good depth to them as well. His album, the comes out Summer. Support him.

Artist: Washed Out
Song: Eyes Be Closed

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed

But for those who aren't into that, perhaps you've heard of Starfucker. They have been a personal favourite for the past couple months being as awesome as they are. With their distinctive sound and style, they really get the listeners looking for more. Check it out.

Artist: Starfucker
Song: Rawnald Gregory Erikson the Second

Starfucker - Rawnald Gregory Erikson the Second


OF Jazz Instrumentals: A Good Listen
Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy.

Art: Blu

food for thoughts

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post-Birthday Post:

I'd like to thank all my friends & fam who wished my a happy birthday today. And since it is coming to a close, I feel a music post is appropriate as a token of my appreciation to you all :)

Lets kick it with some chill music first. Cities Aviv is a hip hop artist far from being a household name. Float on has been a personal favourite for the past couple months. Its just a good song for the long subway rides in the morning. He uses the same Modest Mouse samples as Lupe, except he's much better with it. No offense to Lupe, but LASERS was garbage.
Cities Aviv - Float On

After chirping Lupe, its important to understand that he is one of the most talented emcees out there, only to be smothered creatively in his record label. That being said, there was a lot of hype going around when the super group: Child Rebel Soldier was formed. Consisting of Lupe, Kanye and Pharrell, it truly instigates high hopes for the future of hip hop. Check out US Placers.
Child Rebel Soldier - US Placers

And speaking of the future of hip hop, I can't get enough of Odd Future. Although I'm upset that I couldnt get tickets to their concert (despite having three people help refresh the page on ticketmaster), I'm still gonna support them. For the hardcore and energetic: Tyler the Creator - Splatter.
Tyler, the Creator - Splatter

Tokyo Police Club is a band from Toronto. They are great live performers and represent our city well. Attached is my favourite song by them: Breakneck Speed.
Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

My final music post for the night is Revelry by the Kings of Leon. Truly an amazing band, The Kings are only beginning to be appreciated in North America. This is by far the most played song in my library and is something that has found its way to my ears almost regularly.
Kings of Leon - Revelry

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post. I sure appreciated the birthday wishes.
Thanks :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Music: Where's My Punk Spirit?

The Wave Machines are a British alternative rock band from Liverpool. They've put out just one album in 2009 & are way under the radar.

The song below is Punk Spirit. I first heard it in a video on the skateboard scene in Shanghai and it got to me. The emotion of the vocalist rang very true. If you have the time, definitely support these guys.

Artist: Wave Machines
Song: Punk Spirit

Wave Machines - Punk Spirit

Film: Pulp Fiction

Classic. Rewatching & it never gets old.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Right now, I can say that I am a fan of Wolf Gang. I'm not saying that they're perfect, but for kids who are not older than 20, they have a very developed, raw style that hasn't appeared in the hip hop scene for a while.
It's not so much their originality rather than their personal acceptance of who they are that sets them apart. They are 100% in control of everything artistically: videos, album art and, of course, music, which in itself, deserves respect considering the state of the music industry nowadays.

I'm gonna purchase Tyler's Goblin to see if I like it. If I'm impressed, it would definitely seal my approval for him and his group.

Support them. Purchase:

Available May 10th.

Totally Enormous

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is becoming a big act in Europe, playing in big shows and making a big breakthrough. The Oxford producer has more to offer than simple catchiness, he provides detail and depth to his art. Support this artist, Purchase album

Check it & enjoy. Same drill as last time. Click to listen, right click to download link as.

Artist: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Song: Garden

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden

You Can

I missed out on the music post yesterday so here's some chill music to make up for it. You can download it too this time.

Body Language is smooth, relaxing, serene and just beautiful music. Based in Brooklyn, their sound is melo and soothing.

Check it out & enjoy,

Artist: Body Language
Song: You Can

Click link to listen. Right click to download linked file.
Body Language - You Can

Friday, April 8, 2011

Where is Ai Weiwei ?

Artist, activist, pioneer, hero: Ai Weiwei is missing. There has been no news on him since his capture before his trip to Hong Kong. Let's pray for the best.

Below are examples of his art. Shot out to John for keeping me posted about Mr. Weiwei.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Check My French.

For my first post, I'd like to feature my favourite hip hop collection right now. OFWGKTA (Odd Future) has been getting a lot of buzz recently and rightfully so. These are kids, who are 17-20, are making music the way they want to. Their shows are energetic yet controlled. Their lyrics: vile but with finesse.

For now I'm posting without direct download links. I'll only be streaming the music.

Artist: Tyler, the Creator
Song: French! (featuring Hodgy Beats)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Chomppa is primarily a music blog that covers a variety of styles from hip hop, indie, electro, to dubstep, and house. These are pieces of art that i enjoy and have interest in.

Chomppa also covers culture, art, fashion. It is a way for me to express myself and my interests.

Please enjoy.