Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post-Birthday Post:

I'd like to thank all my friends & fam who wished my a happy birthday today. And since it is coming to a close, I feel a music post is appropriate as a token of my appreciation to you all :)

Lets kick it with some chill music first. Cities Aviv is a hip hop artist far from being a household name. Float on has been a personal favourite for the past couple months. Its just a good song for the long subway rides in the morning. He uses the same Modest Mouse samples as Lupe, except he's much better with it. No offense to Lupe, but LASERS was garbage.
Cities Aviv - Float On

After chirping Lupe, its important to understand that he is one of the most talented emcees out there, only to be smothered creatively in his record label. That being said, there was a lot of hype going around when the super group: Child Rebel Soldier was formed. Consisting of Lupe, Kanye and Pharrell, it truly instigates high hopes for the future of hip hop. Check out US Placers.
Child Rebel Soldier - US Placers

And speaking of the future of hip hop, I can't get enough of Odd Future. Although I'm upset that I couldnt get tickets to their concert (despite having three people help refresh the page on ticketmaster), I'm still gonna support them. For the hardcore and energetic: Tyler the Creator - Splatter.
Tyler, the Creator - Splatter

Tokyo Police Club is a band from Toronto. They are great live performers and represent our city well. Attached is my favourite song by them: Breakneck Speed.
Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

My final music post for the night is Revelry by the Kings of Leon. Truly an amazing band, The Kings are only beginning to be appreciated in North America. This is by far the most played song in my library and is something that has found its way to my ears almost regularly.
Kings of Leon - Revelry

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post. I sure appreciated the birthday wishes.
Thanks :)

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